Friday, June 22, 2007

DOUA Charity Auctions!

DOUA is part of the latest eBay Giving Works event-Spotlight on Empowerment through Entrepreneurship! Every live listing in June that benefits DOUA will appear on this special site and receive extra traffic. List to support DOUA!

Wow are there some amazing charity auctions right now! Uncle Griff is auctioning off his mylar blazer that he wore at eBay Live. Danna, the Power Selling Mom has an auction up for eBay Live pins. PartyVegetable has a set of eBay Live coins up. Janelle Elms aks JillofAllTrades has a Boston Red Sox eBay Live Baseball on auction.

These are just a few. Please visit, put on your watch list and bid!


Jennifer said...

Wow! DOUA is moving forward and quickly, too. This is very exciting news. I can't wait to see what's next. I sure love being a member of DOUA!!!

Marjie said...

Did you see that the jacket is up to $100.00! Yikes. Thanks to all the folks who are running charity auctions for DOUA and thanks to all the bidders!