Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Monica Doyle Shows and Tells

Monica Doyle is a fantistic supporter of the DOUA. Her ability to assist some of us who really have issues grasping concepts of selling on eBay has made of one of the "most wanted" mentors.

Her website Just Show Me How explains exactly what she does: she shows people how to work on eBay from start to finish. She walks you through each step of the proces from registering to shipping your items when it sells.

She is able to work directly with you through a program that allows her access to your computer. It's so much easier than just talking on the phone, or IM'ing or emailing. This is the real deal.

Monica puts you at ease right from the start. Her voice is friendly. She is patient and understanding. Some of us with disABILITIES need reminders or help with remembering things. We may get nervous when we know someone is helping us one on one and forget things. But Monica gets this. It's not an issue to her or something foreign that she has to learn.

Monica is an assest to our group and a very loyal friend.

Here's a quote from the Just Show Me How website home page:
The staff of Just Show Me How is proud to be mentors to the DOUA. We are honored to be able to assist others and make their lives a little richer.
No Monica, you're making our lives richer. Thank You!


Jennifer said...

Hey, I will jump on the Monica bandwagon right away!

She's helped me numerous times and always with ease and intelligence and respect -- and even a few pleasant surprises. Monica knows her stuff!!!

In fact, I need to get a link on my website to Monica's site!

Bravo to you, Monica, for being such a terrific mentor -- and a an enjoyable and fun person, too!!!

Dinah said...

Oh my gosh....what would DOUA be without Monica.....what a life saver so many times for so many of us....Monica has touched so many hearts with her generous spirit that mere words are not enough to say what I personally feel about this magnificent woman....I had the honor of her help many times and I never forgot how patient and kind she was when I was just starting out....her dedication to DOUA is beyond words....You Go dinah

Danna said...

Very Cool! Thanks for the info!!!!
Hugz, Danna ..<><.....