Monday, April 9, 2007

Coleman and DOUA

Coleman is a vital and important member of the DOUA - Disabled Online Users Association- family. He is a mentor, which means that he has graduated from student and is capable and willing to assist other members. Coleman mainly helps others in DOUA with html, templates and anything to do with computers. (Sorry I don't know a lot of computer lingo. I should because Coleman has mentored me so much!)

But the most important part of Coleman being a mentor is his ability to empathize with others who are having a difficult time. He says the right words, goes out of his way to contact members and is always available for chats. Coleman has been through a lot in his life. So when someone is hurting, he understands.

His jokes and sense of humor are a great add to the mixture too. We never know what Coleman will post! That makes being part of DOUA not only a place to learn but a place to have some good ole fashioned fun too.

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Dinah said...

Our world would be a very empty world without our dear Coleman....there are generous people in life, there are kind people in life and there are very loving people in our daily path of life....being in the DOUA family my circle is full of such people....they are all very special and each has their own uniqueness about them....but our Coleman stands out front because despite the pain he is in, despite the agony that his body puts him through on a daily basis, he never lets anyone down with his word...his word is his bond and when he gives his word, nothing will stop Coleman from finishing what he started or promised.....I only wish that we all could give to him just a little of what he has given us as then we would know his world is truly filled with many riches of what he is worthy of.....Coleman is a man of richness with his spirit, his love, his caring, most of all his honor or his whole being.

Stay well to yourself dearest Coleman